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About Verdy Leung  

Verdy Leung is a Professor of Ikebana, the Chairperson of the Ikenobo Hong Kong Chapter, and a renowned floral and multimedia artist bases in Hong Kong. He started his training in Ikenobo ikebana with the founder of the Ikenobo Hong Kong Chapter, Prof. Annie Tse. He also studied ikebana in Japan and was graduated from the highest training institution in ikebana - The Ikenobo Central Institute in Kyoto, Japan. He studies under grand masters of ikebana, Hideo Shibata and Morihiko Furugawa at the Institute.

Starting as a multimedia artist, Verdy's creative works have been awarded and exhibited internationally, e.g. Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, etc. He has got the “Tachibana Award” (the best performance award) from The Ikenobo Central Institute in 4 consecutive years. Moreover, he is also the first foreigner to win an outstanding prize in the largest ikebana exhibiton, "Kyuutanabata Ikebana Exhibition", competition section.

Prof. Leung is also an experienced art educator with extensive teaching experiences in tertiary institutions, e.g. School of Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Western Australia, The Middlesex University, etc. With his background in contemporary Western art and design, his floral design works show the spirit of ikebana with skills and creative elements borrowed from contemporary Western art. He has also been invited by the Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre to hold training course in floral design for hotel and catering professionals.

Currently, Prof. Leung is the Creative Director of Kado Studio. Apart from his profession as a florist, he has been working on promoting ikebana to the public and have started teaching ikebana in secondary school.

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